Are you sick of the binge deprivation cycle? Sick of yo-yo dieting? Then read on:
Eileen was trained under Sheila Granger from the Uk in the
leading GASTRIC BAND PROGRAMME.  Its not a diet, in fact you will break that diet cycle once and for all.  You will feel in control to stop eating when you have had enough.  No more binging or depriving yourself four session and a recording are offered to help break those underlying habits for lasting change.
Virtual Gastric Band’s are safe, effective and without any side effects.  To learn more about how they can help you, contact Eileen today to change your eating habits for good.

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Eileen has incredible success helping people just like you who feel like they have run out of options.  Get in touch today and put your self in control of your body. Just some of the before and after pics of Eileens clients who she helped feel happier healthier and slimmer. Get in touch now and get back in the driving seat of your body.

Why Virtual Gastric Band?

Stop punishing yourself with unhealthy dieting and unfair expectations.   Eileen induces a hypnotic state and through the use of powerful subconscious suggestions, helps you to reduce cravings and control impulsive eating. This is a pain free procedure which has proven itself effective time and time again.  Restore your energy levels, your self confidence and finally gain control back.  Contact Eileen now.

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