Clinical Hypnotherapy is a very different to stage hypnosis. It is a combination of the client and the therapist working together to achieve the clients desired goal.

Hypnosis or “trance” as it is sometimes called, is a totally natural state of mind that we all experience frequently without being aware of it. Most of us have had times when we seem to have “zoned out” to or been driving and thought “I don’t remember the last 5 kms I just drove ” “. These instances are in fact experiences of the “hypnotic” state, which is simply an everyday natural state of altered consciousness.

This natural state of consciousness is created generally by the client relaxing in a chair listening to soothing music, the client feels totally in control at all times and is able to hear the therapist clearly.

Its in this altered state of consciousness that positive suggestions can be accepted by the sub conscious mind bringing about empowering and lasting change. Its a very natural safe and effective method of dealing with habits, addictions, disempowering beliefs and negative thoughts.